Being Move Ready is an important factor that will increase efficiency, provide the safest environment for your movers and reduce any risk of damage to your belongings. 

Boxes and Packing:

  • If possible use unused boxes for your move. Previously used boxes most likely will not be structurally sound allowing them to be 'soft' and can risk collapsing when being stacked. 

  • Use standard size boxes. Using odd shaped boxes such as Amazon boxes will force movers to 'Tetris' these boxes to utilize space effectively and can increase overall load time. 

  • Please try to limit box weight to a max 45lbs. 

  • Have all boxes properly taped and secure. Movers will not be responsible for any damage to items due to open boxes or boxes that are not properly taped. 

* All recommendations for boxes also applies to totes and plastic containers.

  • We recommend that trash bags not be used. Trash bags are at high risk for tearing open especially in the summer heat. Movers will not be responsible for items spilled from trash bags. 


  • Please empty all dressers, night stands and end tables prior to movers arrival. Dressers with clothing can add significant weight  and can make maneuvering the dressers up and down stairs much more difficult causing a delay in efficiency. 

  • Please remove all clothing and bedding off of beds and couches. Please also remove items on any dressers, night stand and end tables. 


  • Please eliminate debris from the floor of the residence. Items such as clothing, toys, etc. on the floor creates a hazard and an unsafe work environment. 


  • Please secure all pets to a specific location such as an unused room, outside, etc. Allowing your pet(s) to roam can cause misstep or tripping while carrying heavy items which can cause injury and crates an unsafe environment. 


  • Please restrict children from running and or playing while movers are working. We recommend off site care or close supervision.